About us

We are a company with 25 years of experience in the olive sector.

We are dedicated to providing intermediation service in the purchase and sale of Olive Oil between the Spanish, Italian, Greek and Portuguese markets, providing information on prices, sending samples and advice on tasting. We also work with non-EU countries such as: Tunisia and Morocco.

We are also dedicated to the sale of these oils for the US markets, taking care of the complete process: collection and shipping of samples of the merchandise, agreement and contract between both parties and registration of new exporters in the FDA (Food & Drug Administration) Registry. . We also take care of the logistics of the process: hiring transportation, assembly of the flexitanks and all the necessary documentation (ISF, DUA).

Leonardo D′Errico _ Aceites tuccitanos

Leonardo D'Errico

 Founding member of the Company and its sole Administrator. It exclusively carries out the operations of the different markets where the company carries out its activity.

Carmen Cubero

 Responsible for the Administration and Finance of the Company and in charge of Logistics in general.

Carmen Cubero_ Aceites Tuccitanos

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